Saturday, June 12, 2010

Willie Nelson and "The Shoeshine Man"

I thought I'd break up the "Nemo" postings with something a little different. I'd hate to be labeled as a "Johnny One-Note" and the things running through Jeffy's head are diverse and plentiful.

This was posted at the "Still is Still Moving to Me" blog the other day and find it endlessly entertaining and fascinating. I envision Willie Nelson as an undiscovered talent here making his own video for a song and posting it on YouTube hoping folks will notice and using ever effects button available on his web cam.

In the music bid-ness for over 5 decades and he still looks like he's having fun...ya gotta love Willie!

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Lysdexicuss said...

Bob Dylan gets Scarlett Johannsen & Willie gets a real Ho Elvira look-alike~! Willie did a great job entertaining us (and himself) with common technology. Wax on, wax off. This song will be used in the upcoming film he is writing, directing, and starring in: The Karate Grandad

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