Friday, June 18, 2010

Nemo #4: Kurtzman and Frazetta on "Flash Gordon"!

"Nemo: the Classic Comics Library" issue #4 from December 1983 starts off with a BANG!

...a hint of what's pack in this "Adventure" issue...

...more insight from comics lover and historian Richard Marschall...

...and a complete story from the Dan Barry daily "Flash Gordon" strip from the 1950's.

I'm a much bigger fan of the original Alex Raymond Sunday strip and love the Al Williamson version too...but Dan Barry brought in some very impressive help here. Harvey Kurtzman assisted story and pencils by a young Frank Frazetta!

Amazing to have such legends as assistants...but you don't become a "Mad" legend or the world's most celebrated fantasy art painter over night...and here they are dazzling us all at their "day job".

Juicy stuff!

More to come!

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