Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nemo #5: Franklin Booth and more Allen Saunders

"Nemo: the Classic Comics Library" issue #5 concludes today with more Allen Saunders and it's spotlight "Penmen of the Past" Franklin Booth.

First up glorious illustrative stylings of Franklin Booth.

All I can tell you about this master of the pen can be found in the article itself. Big props to "Nemo", by this time they've learned the limits of inexpensively reproducing art on newsprint and the art department has learned to work within these limits to achieve the best possible image. These pages are lush and full of life. Images that seem a little crooked in the scans are the result of the magazine's prints being a little off-kilter.

Gorgeous stuff here!

Nemo also continues it's publishing of Allen Saunders' autobiography "Playwright for Paper Actors". Here's part 2.

And here are coming attractions for issue #6. I remember being so excited that a magazine apparently published "just for me" was not cancelled after it's 2nd issue. I used to just get giddy seeing what was promised next time around and holding my breath for 2 months waiting to see if it actually saw fruition.

Rest assured it did (at least for 32 issues) and number 6 will be here tomorrow!


Lysdexicuss said...

Big fan of Gustave Dore, and Booth clearly made every effort to emmulate/out-do his predecessor.

Thanx for posting all these wonderful Nemo mags, by the way. I had a chance a few years ago to buy a bundle of these retrospective fanzines and passed up the opportunity to invest in something else. But~ space clearly abhors a vacuum, or:

'You complete me, Bra !'

Jeff Overturf said...

Gee...I feel all fuzzy inside now.

I was starting to feel like posting nothing but these magazines was a cheat on my blog. Great to hear so many are happy to see them!

Justice4all said...

These guys are amazing and inspiring.

Jeff Overturf said...

I agree, non-stop inspiring for sure.

Thanks for stopping by Justice!

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