Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Comics - Dik Browne and The Blog That Wasn't

I'm so glad I settled on "Inside Jeff Overturf's Head" as the title and subject of this little blog instead of revealing what may be hiding within the walls of other part of my anatomy.

Had I come up with this title it would be a whole different place.

For example, instead of comics about myself, Superman, Jesus, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, Bigfoot et al discussing all of life's important questions down at The Drink Hole...I might have featured a strip like this...

There are of course a plethora of variations that can be done along these lines, like...

...And then of course...

But then the well kind of ran dry. I mean (chuckle) who would want to read a strip with the (snicker) same drawing repeated over and over and (heh heh) the same 3 gags retold exactly the same way ad nauseum (HA HA HA HA!). I mean, this could only last, AT MOST about 3 days, Could you even imagine going for a year beating this dead horse??? LOL now THAT would just be insane. (Cackle!!!) *

*note: The abomination known as "Garfield" done by that worthless POS Jim Davis has been running in papers for 32 years as of next week. NOW tell me we're not all witnessing the end of civilization. I dare you.

Enough nonsense, here's a real modern cartoonist that's worth talking about. From the pages of "Nemo: The Classic Comics Library" #1 wayyyyy back in 1983 a feature on Dik Browne.
1983 happened to be Hagar the Horrible's 10th anniversary.

And a great interview with the artist of "Hi and Lois" and the writer artist of "Hagar" conducted by Richard Marschall. Let's not forget "The Tracy Twins" from the comic section of "Boys Life" magazine either...the first thing I would turn to in my days as a cub scout.

See y'all tomorrow.


Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

Jeff, I am really digging these reprinted Nemo articles. Oh, and I'm also encouraged that there's someone out there who despises Jim Davis as much as I.

Marco said...

Calling Jim Davis worthless is an insult to worthless people the world over

Jeff Overturf said...

Ivan: Then buckle your seatbelts, I have all 25 issues of the wonderful Nemo and am prepared to re-visit them all along with sharing them.

Marco: My apologies for the worthless people the world over. I understand you have much more value than the sub-worthless Jim Davis.

Jeff Overturf said...

Correction on the above comment...I have all 32 issues of this great magazine.

I'm liking the idea of digitizing all these too...so much easier to reference. Thanks for reading Ivan.

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