Monday, March 29, 2010

"Sister", Gary and Nephew Scotty

Happy Monday everyone!

You're probably all at work on this fine day, but I took the day off. My sister is in town and I came up to Los Angeles to visit with her and my brother-in-law Gary at their son, Scotty's house.

You may remember seeing Scotty here on my outing to the Todd Snider concert (Scott being the one who was booted out after the opening act) and he was also the director/cinematographer on the "I Love Rachel Ray" video found here. Scotty moved here from Montana around 1990, just a few years after I made my trek. Though while my goal was to get some place where it didn't snow 7 months of the year, Scotty ventured here to find fame and fortune in big time show business! He's done well for himself and makes a respectable living doing what he loves. You can check up on some of Scotty's credits here at his imdb page.

A few years ago Scotty played a song for me called "That's My Life in Amarillo" written by a friend of his Brad Hunt that I really like a lot and he promised to sing it for me on this trip.

We had an attempt last night to get it down on video and we will get it down for real today, but for now here's that rehearsal footage.

See y'all tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Is he every going to finish the god damn song?!

Jeff Overturf said...

Yes he is...tune in tomorrow!

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