Saturday, March 13, 2010

Daylight Saving Time

Just after midnight tonight, it's time once again to "Spring Forward" and move our clocks ahead one hour to "Daylight Saving Time".

The practice of a change in time to shift earlier morning daylight hours to the evening time when we can better utilize it, was first proposed by Benjamin Franklin. Most of the United States and it's territories as well as a large part of the European Union adopt this practice in modern times though the exact date we make the shift varies from place to place.

Some people bitch and bitch about it and complain it doesn't conserve the energy it proposes to, it doesn't increase public safety as proposed and it causes confusion when determining times from one region to the other. I say these are people who just plain like to bitch. I for one don't need it to be daylight at 4:30 in the morning and would just as soon have it stay light later into the evening, so I say 'RIGHT ON!"


The point some people do miss, is the excitement and danger we mere mortals are in, in toying with the fabric of the space/time continuum itself!

In traveling forward in time an hour, we take the chance of occupying the same space as our "one hour in the future" selves, and as anyone knows, that's a no-no in quantum mechanics! Please be advised, before 1 a.m. tomorrow, do a little homework and make sure you are not standing, sitting or lying in the same place you will be in an hour, or you'll surely tear a rift in the 4th dimension and could possible kill us all!


On the other hand, tonight is a great chance to play back-yard scientist and maybe be a pioneer.

Have you ever thought of forcing the issue of this time travel opportunity? I'm thinking that it's possible to take advantage of the phenomenon to give us that added push needed to break the time barrier!

If you were to take advantage of the rotation of the Earth ( worked in Superman I) at say...800 miles per hour at my latitude in Huntington Beach, California, ...and blast off with a rocket heading due east, that flew at 300 MPH at EXACTLY 1:59 a.m. tomorrow when suddenly DST takes effect and we jump one hour in one seems to me that somehow this equation would send you off to meet the Morlocks!

Well. The speed of the rocket might have to be adjusted, but the 800 MPH times the 1 hour per minute DST effect times whatever you need the rocket to go sounds like solid math to me. I'll leave the details to Dr. Stephen Hawking or Dr. Sheldon Cooper. They'll get it for sure.

I know one thing. Make sure you get a good time travel outfit to wear. My choice in the above illustration is a bicycle helmet, a pair of safety goggles and a replica of "Rip Hunter, Time Master's" costume from DC comics. But you can add your own variations.


What if really boils down to, is this.

See y'all tomorrow. It's sooner than you think!

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Marco said...

Here's a favorite comic for your perusal. Nitrozac and Snaggy have been making fun of geeks for years. This one is appropiate for all that crap that shows up in your e-mail all day.

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