Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Superman's Second - A'S'HGACB:SH*

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In July of 1938, Superman and Zatara's second appearance's came and went unheralded. While Superman had been featured on the cover of Action Comics #1, this was after all an anthology comic book with lots of virgin features, so the characters rotated on the covers and Superman wouldn't make a cover appearance until #7 in December.

This was an age before Twitter, so it took some time for feedback from the public. The "Dawn of the Golden Age Comic Book Super Hero came with a whisper.

Here, for your reading enjoyment, is that second appearance of Superman from Action Comics issue #2. As I mentioned before, issue 1 has been re-printed over and over again, but this story has seen little daylight, and since it's the conclusion of a two parter, I thought it deserved to be seen.

The scans for this are not as clear as the first and are a slight strain to read, but it's the best I can find. Hey, what do you want? Haven't you heard? These comics are selling for a million dollars a pop nowadays!

Anyway, click the images to make bigger or download them and enlarge them in your picture viewer...it makes for some fun reading.

You know, of course, that this is all going to Superman's oversized Kryptonian head. The last time we were all down at "The Drink Hole"...

Next time: More Zatara!
See y'all then!

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