Thursday, March 25, 2010

Springtime Refueling

It's officially spring here in the northern hemisphere...and it couldn't come a moment to soon.

This past couple of weeks, real life has really bitten me on the ass.

Nothing serious, mind you, I should really say it hasn't bitten me, it encroached on my territory and TRIED to bite me.

And even at that it was all nothing really important. Just the money-changers, paper-pushers and spoon-benders out there wanting to waste my time. Wanting me to believe what they do in this world actually matters.

A quick note to all of you bureaucrats, politicians, insurance brokers, municipal "employees", fact, any profession which is just a fancy name for clerical worker. You don't matter. You don't matter because what you DO doesn't matter.

Please remember that. What you do to get to earn money and survive only exists because we are a compassionate society and we have invented those jobs for you.

The world would get along fine without you or the menial tasks you perform. You only exist because the rest of know, the humans?...we've decided that killing all of you just because you have nothing to offer society, would make us feel guilty.

Please attend to your paper filing and policy tending and data entry and other busy work. Keep attending to it until your meaningless lives come to an end.


Anyhoo. I spent too much time over the last couple of weeks tending to these sheep. I thought I'd be fine, but it has really tapped my energy. Now that I am temporally done entertaining and occupying the minds and desks of countless employees of the State of California (those are my tax dollars paying for their weekend binge on Natural Lite and Nascar, right?) I am feeling a little fatigued.


But, then I remembered that spring has sprung. I feel better. I still need some down-time, but I feel better.

So come share my downtime with me, appreciate some art and watch some springtime cartoons.

Don't worry about that mumbling coming from those grey dismal halls down the road. They're shifting paperwork and mistakenly feeling worthwhile.

Mmmmmmmmm. I feel better already. I hope you do too.

Happy Spring!€

See y'all tomorrow!

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