Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dennis the Menace's dad: Hank Ketcham!

Born on March 14, 1921, Hank Ketcham, the man responsible for "Dennis the Menace" would have been 89 years old today.

Well...I'm having "too much fun" enjoying a day of doing nothing, being a human being and enjoying the spring-like weather.

Feeling like a lump here and not making apologies for it.

But I didn't want to let the blog lay fallow or miss this birthday of a master of pen and ink. Never was there a more gorgeous pen or brush line in the comics in the latter half of the last century than Ketcham's. He lay swathes of black on your daily newspaper so deep you could drown in them.

I found a couple of really neat things on the net about Ketcham that I'd like to pass along to you as I go back to the patio and snooze.

The first is an article from a great blog named "Today's Inspiration" by Leif Peng. I just discovered this nice slice of art appreciation and am enjoying going back through the archives. This is a post of his from March of 2007 with some nice remembrances quoted from Ketcham himself. Click HERE to read more. It's really good.

And for more Dennis fun that feels like a lush color Sunday comics page, THIS TRIBUTE SITE devoted to every one's favorite menace is a great Sunday read.

Say "Hello" to Mr. Wilson for me.

I'll see y'all tomorrow!

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