Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Uncle Jeffy's Sketchbook v. 3.0: Annoying Little Blood Clots & Pet Giant Monsters

A couple of other ideas from Uncle Jeffy's Sketchbook, as yet not flushed out.

My battle with medical science. The story of how an infinitesimal blood clot, smaller than the pointy end of a pin, brought a 250 pound man to his knees and how I overcame.

It has a happier ending than it sounds. Luckily I have the strength of 10 men and the recuperative powers of "Wolverine".

Then there's a notion I have that I could put an end to all the real life injustices of the every day real world...

...if only I had a "pet" Giant Monster to do my bidding. Pardon the graphic nature of the above.

Me and my monster...THAT'D I'd teach 'em. ALL of 'em!!!

1 comment:

Marco said...

It was just a bad hangover.. big deal! Not like you almost died, or walked miles while it happened.

... my hero!

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