Monday, October 5, 2009

John Prine. John who?? I said John Prine!

Be warned. You are about to be overwhelmed, inundated, indoctrinated into the world of John Prine.

John Prine is singly my favorite singer-songwriter. His 63rd birthday is this coming Saturday and I'm afraid one day's blog posting just wouldn't be enough.

Don't worry though, I'll be gentle.

Today I bring you a couple songs off of John's first album from 1971.

First a Vietnam protest song that expresses a lot of John Prine's sensibilities. He's not in your grill about it...he kind of slips it to you sneakily.

Then a "green" song from long before "Green" was the "in" thing. This song is about a town in Kentucky called "Paradise" where John's grandparents lived, and what happened to it.

I'll tell you more about John during the coming week. But the best way to tell you about him is to let you hear some of his songs.

I love singing them, I hope you find some favorites.

See ya all tomorrow.

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