Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hump Day Humanity Musings from the Contemplation Chair

One of the things I dislike about work is, there's always something to "do".

We have "To Do" lists even, the writing of which, gives you one more thing to "do".

The problem with the need to "do" something is, we lose sight of whether it's worth "doing" or not. We are lead to believe that "doing" is the ideal and not the getting of something "done". We spend so much time and energy looking for something to "do" that we spend time "doing" things that "don't" really need to be "done", and we ignore "doing" what's really important to "do".

I'm "done".


Marco said...

And remember, one of the things to "do"... is to fill out a form, to order more forms!

Broderick Crawford said...

Whenever the laws of any State are broken, a duly authorized orginization swings into action. It may be called the State Police, State Troopers, Militia, The Rangers, or the Highway Patrol. These are the stories of the men whose training, skill and courage have perserved our state law.

Marco said...

Something else, I have been off the grid for awhile. Did you do anything for John Prine's birthday?

Jeff Overturf said...


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