Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Uncle Jeffy's Sketchbook v. 1.1

As mentioned in the last sketchbook post, I'm toying with the idea of an Adventure-Western-Science Fiction-Superhero-Musical-Action serial a la Republic Pictures circa 1930's-1950's, titled "The Adventures of Congo Jeffy and Action Frank".

This past weekend "The Brain Trust" got together...

...and using the tools at our disposal...

...did some preliminary work.

Sketch One: Congo Jeffy -

Congo Jeffy is in reality young-gadabout-philanthropist-handsome-wealthy-industrialist-scientist-playboy Geoffrey Von Oberdorfer IV. Heir to the vast Oberdorfer Lederhosen Empire, no one can estimate his monetary worth as it grows so fast, but at last estimate it was approaching a gazillion dollars.

That's gazillion with a "G", people!!!

However as a young lad, he cast his fortune aside to run away and join the circus and see the world. While traveling with the sideshow he befriended and learned from the traveling freaks.

Mysticism from the swami, physical limberness and strength from the Indian rubber man and circus strongman, the power to cloud men's minds from the belly dancers and bull-shitting techniques from the carnival barkers. All talents he would one day use as an adventurer.

While wintering with the circus in French Morocco, he happened into a cut-throat game of Euchre with some locals and while collecting his winnings, was offered as partial payment..."The Utility Fez of Doom"! More on this as the story develops, but among it's tesseract hidden articles are a "Fex-a-rang", "Fez-CSI-kit" and "Fez-Shark-Repellent". It also has VTOL (vertical take off and landing) abilities as it doubles as a "Fez-Copter".
A habit learned by young Geoffrey during his time living out of a bindle on the road, was to keep a bit of civility in his day to day life. Like the British with their "tea time", Geoffrey established "toddy time" which he holds strict adherence to every day at 3 p.m. sharp. His "toddy" of choice is the classic gin and tonic, which also serves as part of his daily health maintenance regimen.

You see, the vitamin C in the lime helps stave away scurvy, the quinine in the tonic water fights malaria and the gin...well that's for everything else.

Armed with the skills learned in a globe-trotting circus side-show, a gazillionaires free time and resources, "The Utility Fez of Doom!" and a portable wet bar, Congo Jeffy travels the world fighting tyranny, injustice and sobriety wherever he finds it!

Look for his adventures at a blogging post near you.


Joselyn Sullivan said...

You travel the world fighting Trannies?? Oh.. Tyrannies.

Jeff Overturf said...

I can name a few tyranical trannies that I've come across.

Joselyn Sullivan said...

And did you fight them Bonaduce style?

Marco said...

I wonder if Congo Jeffy would have that Fez if he hadn't ran Dead Set Legend in that card game.

Mysterious rumors have persisted for years about the woman he was partnered with that night...

Jeff Overturf said...

...some say her name was Rusty. Rumors remain unconfirmed.

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