Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I think I've heard of him...John Prime? No Prine!

Day two of my week long onslaught of John Prine goodness!

As I said yesterday, John Prine's birthday is this coming Saturday and my proper tribute post will come then. Until then, the best way to show my appreciation for this songwriter is to expose y'all to some of his music.

Here's a ballad which shows a different facet to the tribulations we went through during the Vietnam era. Not many songs delved into the conflict conscientious objectors went through. Choosing to move to Canada rather than help blow up Southeast Asia, these folks had to forsake the country they loved, supposedly to never see her again. John knew this wasn't a very popular stance and tells the story of a boy in love with a woman who makes bad decisions and the compromising position this puts him in.

"The Great Compromise":

And an odd little ditty about the girl a few doors down he had a crush on and a harrowing suburban drama she falls into.

"The Accident (Things Could Be Worse)":

I'll see you tomorrow for some more skewed yet lucid perspective from this tragic poet with a sense of humor.

Bye for now.

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