Monday, August 24, 2009

"Turf Log #1" in Living Color - part three and complete

Here's the last of the colorized "Turf Log" #1. PhotoShop and I are not friendly, but we are on speaking terms.

An interesting coincidence in this post, which only speaks to how my blog works. Just the other day I did a post about George Herriman's birthday (the creator of Krazy Kat) and you can see his influence on me in the first panel and first stanza of this feature...15 years ago!

People ask me sometimes how much research I do when I spotlight a famous persons birthday on here. The answer is always "46 years". All my topics/subjects here are what's already in my head...hence the title "Inside Jeff Overturf's Head"...stuff I'm already thinking about, I'm just writing it down.

To see the original post of this section along with some explanation why I would put a song in a comic, click here.

For part one of this book, click here, and for part two click here.

For even MORE "Turf Log" in living color, here's #2 already posted in color, and it's supplement here.

Thanks for reading. As much as I enjoyed learning this process, it feels good to have it completed on this 15 year old story so now I can move ahead to new things.

I can't wait to see what I come up with...I hope you keep reading along. You're a good listener...I like telling you stories.


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