Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Short Hump Day Post

Just a quick touch-base today as I get back into my regular schedule.

The main reason I began this blog is so I would be forced by something to pick up my drawing pen or my guitar on a regular basis and work that creative side of my brain that the real world forces to hibernate for months and even years on end. In 2 months of doing this, I've found that it's never a chore to do, but a pleasure. "Thank you" to all the folks who read this and for the feed-back you give me.

A tool I've dabbled with in doing this, which is a new tool for me, is coloring my drawings. All my cartoons have always been in black and white, and I've been finding it nice to see them "Pop" to life with a few splashes of color.

In the interest of cohesiveness, I'm going back to the first issue of the comic book I wrote and drew back in 1994 and coloring it to re-post here like I did the second. It should be ready by the beginning of next week for posting, so I hope you come back and check it out.

For the newer readers who missed the initial black and white posting click here, or you can wait for Monday or Tuesday to see it in "living color" as they used to say on TV.

Thanks again for reading, see you all tomorrow.

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