Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Smile

I wrote this song for everyone who's ever had "one of those days". You know, the kind of day when everyone you come in contact with seems to take pleasure in going out of their way to take a big steaming dump on your shoes.

I haven't had one of these in a while. Or at least it hasn't felt like it, thanks to the lesson I learned that made me write this.

Years ago I was having "one of those days" trying to make progress, people around me squatting in front of me and defecating on my PF Flyer's, for no other purpose seemingly than, just to slow me down and make me miserable. On my way home I stopped at the store and the cashier said "Thank you" after the transaction.

It wasn't the robotic "Thank you" or at least it didn't seem like it. She gave it a little "Oomph" that made it seem like she was happy to serve and do business with me.

Was that so hard?????????

That one 1/4 second of human courtesy suddenly erased the previous 10 hours of my "scumbag interaction". So simple. Takes so little.

Here's the song.

For all you "tough-guy mooks" out there, go ahead a watch this when no one's looking. I won't tell.


Anonymous said...
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Jeff Overturf said...

Wow! Comment section is getting interesting.

Lisa said...

Jeff, I really love the song. You are an awesome and talented individual. One of my favorite songs, of which I really have two, is "Don't worry, be Happy", and Black Eyed peas, "Tonight's going to be a good night". You should become a Nashville writer!

Wizardz Magic Theater said...

It shames me to say that I had forgotten this song Jeffy...Thanks for reminding me :)

John Stewart said...
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