Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vacation Mode is Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

As you can see from the date on this cartoon...this was a vacation I had back in January 2008. I seemed to take great pleasure in flattening the seat cushions on my chair and couch, so pleased I even wrote a poem about the beauties and virtues of it all.

It got a little busier around here yesterday though. Had a drawn out discussion on Facebook, reminiscing about that great beverage of the unwashed...

...Lucky Lager Beer. A 12 pack of the little stubby 11 oz. bottles used to run just under $4 back as recently as the late 80's. I remember our consternation when the price skyrocketed to $4.29!

The real draw to this little brown bottles of amber nectar of course were the bottle caps. The Lucky Brewing Co. would print rebus' like you see below in each and every cap.

I'm sure it wasn't the real reason, but they helped you gauge your drunkenness! If you were too drunk to solve the pictogram, it was a sign for you to cut out other things you were trying to accomplish in your stupor.

And if you noticed one of your cohorts pitching the cap away without was time to cut them off. They obviously weren't in it for the sport anyway and you probably didn't want to be around them in the first place.

Ahhhhhhhhh, back when breweries cared enough to go the extra mile. It was like the prize inside the Cracker Jacks.

Reviewing the below cartoon from the same vacation in January '08, the weather wasn't quite as nice as it is now. So I forsook the high 60's January temps and cloudy skies for more couch time. I am actually leaving the house today and meeting an old friend for lunch..this is summertime after all and the temp should reach the high 70's accompanied by cerulean blue skies.

What's that? Only a ten degree difference in temperature between January and August??? God I love living near the your hearts out you sorry inland-land-locked bastards!

And if it turns out I don't venture off the couch for the remainder of my time off. I got proof below that life is good either way.

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