Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm Happy to Be Here!

It's been a chaotic couple of weeks here for your friendly blogster.

Changes on the work front are pending and uncertain. The work front for my former roommate Mike brings him back to my neck of the woods-or rather back to my apartment-so living conditions have a change.

Just 2 little things, yes, but two things which affect my work life and home life...kinda covers the gamut.

Everything's good though. Just the uncertainty of how things land that throws us out of our comfort zone. This ain't my first barbeque though and I know it'll all work out.

At any rate...I'm just happy to be here.

I hope you're happy too.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jeffy.. somehow you always seem to have a way with your words. whether its through your typed words or your songs.. today, it all hit home for me and made me remember - we are just lucky to be here ..Thanks :) Don't stop these blogs! You touch more people than you probably realize!

Jeff Overturf said...

Well that's about as nice a comment as I could ever get. Thanks.

Wizardz Magic Theater Blog by TC Tahoe said...

We are happy you are here too.
Now I don’t know who this Anonymous is, but they should stop spreading rumors about you touching far as I recall, you were cleared of those charges.

We really are Happy you are here. Jeff/Jeffy/Stinky or the Answer Man, whatever handle you go by, yes we are happy that you are here!

Another one of you tunes popped in my noggin; the other day. I will probably get the name wrong, I saw a piece of America die ? I remember you sang about the old pic n pack'it burning down...I liked that store...

Oh, one more thing, do you remember Bobbie Ebert from school? I saw her last week, she looks better than ever!

Anonymous said...

Todd Snider rules, man. Rock on!

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