Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jeff Overturf who? part 3: "Singin' Cowboy"

These 5 pages of "Turf Log" were a supplement in the back pages of issue #1, that I posted here on June 20. When I first did this comic book back in 1994, I wanted each issue to have a song to go with it. How odd that a song should be in a comic with no music? Oh well, I was ahead of my time. Nowadays it can easily be done in a web comic with an accompanying mp3 loaded next to it. And I may just try that out as I post new stuff.
You'll probably not be hearing a file with this song though. I like the sentiment behind the song (I do wish there were still singing cowboys like Gene Autry and Roy Rogers and I wish I was one), and I like the end-cap of the song to the quick black out joke referenced in the story (Flint Limpus and I on a sleepover discussing what we'd like to be when we grew up), but it has it's shortcomings.

I was still new to stringing together words in a song, and the song is unintentionally derivative of a pop-country song that came out around that time called "I Want to Be A Cowboy". I was slightly aware of that at the time I think, but I was trying to point out that there was a difference between a cowboy, a "Singing Cowboy" and a country music singer. That point never quite came across in my song, so it's better left behind me.

I wanted to post it though because I do like the cartoons I drew for it...all except the horse. Never got the hang of cartooning a horse. I'm Equine Challenged.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little out-take. Remember, just click the smaller thumbnails to view them full size. See you tomorrow.

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Great work as usual Jeff.

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