Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Intermezzo Musicale di Jeff Overturf, Primo Movimento di Sette

I know what you're all thinking out there: "Hey Jeff...why are you singing and playing guitar on here when you're as rhythmically and tonally challenged as you are?"

My answer?: "'Cause I like to!"

You may even be a person who likes to sing and everyone around you cringes at the sounds emanating from you.

My answer?: "To Hell with them!"

Music's a magic thing that makes people feel good. There was a time before mp3's, before CD's, before cassette tapes, vinyl records, 8-track tapes, reel-to-reel tapes, copper cylinders and magnetic wire, when people made their own music on their front porches and back yards.

And everyone had a good time. It was a form of communication.

This post is a love song for everyone who likes to bang on an instrument or sing in the shower. Written by Dan Reeder, it tells us that you should make the most out of the simplest of songs and no one should laugh at you. And what they can do if they do if they object.

"Hey Jeff, why'd you get hoity toity with the post title in Italian?"

My answer?: "Just makin' the most out of a simple song...and you know what you can do."

Now...everybody sing.

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