Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ein Musikalisches Intermezzo von Jeff Overturf, Tag Zwie von Sieben

Thank you for visiting day 2 of my 7 day musical interlude. My theme? "Love songs from different points of view".

I had no idea what a chord I would strike with my drawing of the character "Rusty" in last Sundays post. Both good and bad, it seems everyone I know has known a "Rusty". This one little drawing told everyone everything they needed to know and sparked their own memories. There must be lots of "Rusty"'s out there and as I thought of what love songs they have written for them, I actually came up with three. Here's the first.

This song is written by Chris Wall. A band called Confederate Railroad had a top ten hit with it in 1992, but I actually learned it from The Gonzo Maestro hisself, Jerry Jeff Walker on his "Live from Gruene Hall" album. Here goes.

Y'all can thank/blame Chad Palmer for the suggestion.

I'll see you tomorrow and Saturday for the other two love songs for this wonderfully universal woman.

Thanks "Rusty" for all you do.


Anonymous said...

Jesus, you suck!

I'm still not building your computer....

Jeff Overturf said...

I understood what you meant when you said "I suck" you didn't have to go on and on about it. Sheesh! :)

Marco said...

Nice joint ya got here. Who'da thought you had so much intelligent and interesting crap in your head?

Request: She'll always love Jesus, more than me.

Jeff Overturf said...

That is very do-able...may-haps even during the present intermezzo. And thank you for being slightly more civil than you illegitimate identical twin above. :) Glad you are enjoying it.

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