Friday, July 31, 2009

Un Interlude Musical de Jeff Overturf, Troisieme Mouvement de Sept

Thanks for dropping by for the third movement in my seven day musical interlude and second part of my "Rusty" love song trilogy. For more on "Rusty" click here, and for part one click here.

"The Silver Dollar..." bar, saloon, tavern, what-have-you. There must be one in every part of the western U.S., and I'll bet every one has a "Rusty". This is a Shel Silverstein song about such a not-so-imaginary-place and a not-so-imaginary-woman and the other denizens there. Originally performed by "Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show" brought to you now with my stink on it.

We've all been having fun pointing at "Rusty", but it's important to remember, "Rusty"'s aren't born...they're made. So who's to bless and who's to blame?

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