Saturday, July 11, 2009

He said, "Let there be LIGHT!" and there were Les Freres Lumiere.

Today in 1895, The Lumiere Brothers explained to scientist for the first time their cinematographe. This was the first motion film camera.

There are disputes over whether or not the boys shot the first ever film, but this post isn't really about innovation as much as, for sure these are the guys that burned the calories and put in the man-hours to get the thing developed.

Without the work that these guys did there would be no "Casablanca", no "Citizen Kane", no Pixar, no Woody Allen, no Cohen Brothers. Granted there would also be no "Porky's" I-IX, no "Police Academy" I-XXIII, no Adam Sandler...but hey, all great strides in art have good and bad.

Below is the Lumiere's fist movie, "La Sortie de l;Usine Lumiere a Lyon" or "The Exit from The Lumiere Factory in Lyon". I guess you could qualify it as a documentary.

My favorite YouTube comment on this was "The best part was when they left the factory!"

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