Monday, January 3, 2011

Milton Caniff - Commercial Artist - NEMO #25 - a little more

As we ease into this new decade and begin a new year, I find myself reflecting on how to improve my blog. I'd like to write and draw on a more consistant basis. I'd like to contribute more of my own scans to the blogosphere and the world at large. Shorter posts would be nice to be more welcoming to the reader. And some other stuff too.

As I work all this out, how's about I clean up some back-log of projects begun in '10?

I've been sharing my collection of "Nemo: the Classic Comics Library now for about 6 months and we're almost to the end of the run for this grand magazine. I think for the first few weeks of this year I'll complete my mission.

Rather than try and cram an entire issue a day, or even 1/2 an issue, I'll present it article by article to really highlight the great stuff it had to offer and allow you wonderful readers more time to digest it all. So here's the continuation of Nemo #25 begun yesterday, with an interesting article and examples on the advertising work of Milton Caniff. He was more than just the brilliant mind behind "Dickie Dare", "Terry and the Pirates", "Male Call" and "Steve Canyon"...he was also a huckster who laid out some pretty nice advertising art.

Chack it out!

Talk to you soon.

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Lysdexicuss said...

This is probably a much better way to post~

Short & Sweet with more Focus~


you don't shoot yer wad
all at once~!

(keep'm coming back for more)


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