Sunday, January 2, 2011

Edwina Revealed and Tippie, Too - Nemo #25 1 of 2

I just noticed the cover price on these magazines. This issue of "Nemo: the Classic Comics Library" #25 cover dated April, 1987 skyrocketed to the astronomical price of $3.95 from $3.50 the month before. And I remember scrambling for it every other month as well back in the day.

$3.95 for 60+ pages of in-depth examination of comic strips and the art and business that produces them, reprints of complete sequences of classic work...and all for less than the price of a burger joint value meal.

Hmmmph. This was truly a treasure trove, undervalued in AND since it's time.

Enough yammering...let's get into the good stuff!

Edwina was an anomaly in her day and still something of one after her time. A female cartoonist. There are a few today, like Lynn Johnstone who's "For Better of For Worse" is a modern classic and the dreadful Cathy Guisewhite (SP?...I don't give a shit if I got it's reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally not worth looking up) who's "Cathy" strip was mercifully retired this year. "Cathy" is a stip whose grave I'll happily dance on for years to come. If only she'd had the decency to drag that shit-bag Jim Davis and "Garfield" into oblivion with her...but I digress.

Edwina was a successful and prolific comic artist who is sorely under-rated...but then, that's Nemo's specialty, isn't it?

This issue gives us an extravagantly in-depth interview with the woman herself at the ripe age of 93 and continues on to celebrate her legacy with an entire sequence from 1937 of her strip, Captain Stubbs and Tippie.

Read on,'ll be glad you did.

Be sure and meet me back here next Sunday for the second half of this issue, with looks at Milton Caniff's advertising work, reminiscences by a man who met and worked alongside Bud Fisher and TAD and pre-"Our Boarding House" work by Gene Ahern.

Talk to you soon.


Lysdexicuss said...

Another Anti-Cathy artist ? Damn. Wish I had a nickel for every Anti-Cathy person I met. I could retire ~! In her defense, I would like to commend anyone who can beat the same dead horse with a two-joke comic strip & milk it for twenty + years~! Also, I saw the 'real' Cathy on David Letterman back in the early 90's and, as much as I detest the strip, the actual woman was really funny & personable (I know !). I would schtook her in a New York minute ;~j

Jeff Overturf said...

Hmmm...may be a side of Cathy worth investigating.

"Aaaack! I need some ice cream!"...nope...sorry...still not funny.

rnigma said...

I wonder if Gary Dumm, one of the American Splendor artists, is related to Edwina?

And speaking of American Splendor, and Cathy... what if R. Crumb drew the latter?

Jeff Overturf said...

Now THAT'S a Cathy I could get behind!!

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