Saturday, January 1, 2011

Chapter 25 and FINAL - Captain Marvel and the Monster Society of Evil!


Here it is, after 6 months of suspense, drama and action...Captain Marvel Adventures #46 from 1945 and the 25th and final chapter of the landmark serial that introduced the nefarious Mr. Mind to Fawcett Comics readers and the world..."Captain Marvel and the Monster Society of Evil"!!!!! "The End of Mr. Mind"!!!!!!

Read on,'ve earned it!

Well, they fried the little bugger. But somehow, just someway, I don't think The Big Red Cheese has seen the end of the evil little worm...hmmmm.

Oh to be a kid in 1945 and getting to vote on future comebacks of Mr. Mind and Captain Marvel serials.

And I sure would like to be in the CM Fan Club. Holy Moley, that'd be keen!!!

As I wrap up these weekly Captain Marvel serial posts and make the wish of starting fresh with something new and different here on this 1st of the new year and decade, I want to wish you all a happy new year and a clean slate to begin whatever your heart desires.

Big or small...just make it good.

Talk to you soon.

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