Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quality Time and Reaquainting With My Bytes

Now that I lived through my own personal data loss hell and successfully (with the help of my buddy Marco) got it back. I'm going to take my recovered drive and my 2 back-ups for my back-ups for a run. They've been cooped up too long and they're feeling frisky, so I'm taking the day off from my blog to take them to the park for a run!

I'll actually be organizing my stuff and getting wires tucked away and other nonsense.

But what I REALLY want to spend today doing is catching up on my blog reading. Take a gander some time at the list on the right hand column under the header "Other Blogs I Like To Read"! There's really a lot of entertaining folks out there talking about some really interesting things. Pick one while your here and give it a'll probably find something you'll like.

I'm off to bask in digital heaven now, join my if you like. And if my drives jump up on the couch next to you, just shoo them down. They can't help it. They think their people.

See y'all tomorrow!

1 comment:

Marco said...

Hey! Get those damm hard drives off my lawn!

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