Monday, April 19, 2010

Ode to My Blog

Mike and Mark were on the bunk couch
Playing some video games,
So I adjourned to somewhere else
I didn't find quite so lame.

I walked along through grey, ugly streets
Full of "real life", drab and drear
And decided to go to where I belong
Where dwell all that I hold dear.

I stopped down under a pink neon sign
And I knew I was once again home.
The Drink Hole, bastion from societies ills
And good setting for this Poem.

Jeffy's Angels met me at the door,
Filled my heart and pants with glee.
The Juke box was playing a John Prine song ,
Humphrey Bogart was on TV.

Another TV had Fleischer Popeye cartoons,
The Three Stooges were on the next,
There were no mindless sports and no mooks
No...all the customers had necks.

The bar was split up into factions,
Different but not really apposed.
Jesus at one end, FSM at the other
While Rusty checked the run in her hose.

Frank "The Douche" was at the bar
Saving for me a stool,
So I stepped in where the company was warm
But the air still fresh and cool.

The juke kept on playing all my favorite stuff,
Clark, Snider and Shaver all sang.
And all round the bar, for our reading enjoyment
Comic books and old strips, they did hang.

Rev. Will and Scotty finally got there
And then the beer did flow.
Mike and Mark left their games and drifted in
With Kelli and Nay Nay in tow.

The cold, dark real world is locked outside
I have no time for that.
All the things that you've seen inside this blog
Are what keep me happy and fat.

I'd give up all my earthly goods
Every physical thing, leave dead.
If I could but live with only all the things
That are Inside Jeff Overturf's Head


Recently I've been fortunate enough to gain a few new readers and followers of this blog. I thought I would get them caught up to speed on some of the characters and settings, factual and fictional (though the line is often blurred) that pop up here during my ramblings.

I'm not conceited enough to believe that you new readers would go back and re-read all my rambling posts...just conceited enough to write myself a poem. =D

See y'all tomorrow.


Gabriel said...

Ha! Absolutely great!
Everything's clear now around your blog! Thanx for taking the trouble. You could be my favorite neighbor, indeed!

The Drink Hole-Lingerie Bar. Oh, my friend--
"Filled my heart and pants with glee"
This line makes me smile out loud.

Jeff Overturf said...

Come on down, Neighbor!!

I'm not sure if Jeffy's Angels speak proper Castilian Spanish or not...but the language they DO speak is international, indeed!

Akshunt "Action" Frank Franklyn said...

Jeffy WOW!!!!
I cannot believe just how much work you got done since last night, it's a good thing you go into work late now because you must have ben up till 3 am working on this.

Jeff Overturf said...

it was only 12:30. but it was worth it, this was a fun one.

Mykal Banta said...

Jeff: Damn, you kill me me. The drinking hole, and that look of adoration if not outright worship. Clearly, the world would be a better place if we all lived in Jeff Overturf's head (I get my own angels, though, all to myself). -- Mykal

Anonymous said...

The Drink Hole is a magical place, where dreams become reality.


Jeff Overturf said...

There are plenty of Angels to go around Mykal. The Drink hole is built upon a never ending Angel fountain...there's always one there when you need one...

Sometimes even two.

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