Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Arrow Debuts - September 1938 - A'S'HGACB:SH*

*This is part of a semi-regular series in this blog "A 'Slight' History of Golden Age Comic Books: Super Heroes". To catch up on the other posts, click the label in the right hand column or at the bottom of this post, abbreviated to A'S'HGACB:SH.

I'm sorry I missed my post yesterday, I just couldn't bear to sit for too long after my annual reaming by the kind shit-bags in Sacramento.

Just a quick post today, getting back to the "slight" history feature. In August 1938, there were still only 3 super heroes on the block, Superman, Zatara and The Clock, but in September, Comics Magazine Publishers quietly heralded in their second foray into the new genre.

Inside Funny Pages vol. 2, issue 10...The Arrow came swinging into action.

Please excuse the odd looking scans, these were apparently NOT scanned, but shot with a digital camera instead. Ah, the lengths geeks like we go through for a piece of comic book history.

Note also, The Arrow in a blue costume, he switched almost immediately to red and stayed that way for the rest of his history. Enjoy!

I don't have access to the Zatara and Clock features for September, so next time around we'll move into October 1938, as no less than 3 more heroes join the fray.

See y'all tomorrow!

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