Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Digital Withdrawal!

As we join our hero, the lonely blogster, it is day 6 since his ordeal with the little comatose external hard drive began.

Suffering from digital withdrawal, he sits in the cold, beige halls of the computer hospital, waiting for the computer teams from DARPA and JPL to do their binary magic and hopefully resuscitate his little black box of "stuff". Doctors and nurses "on call" do their best to comfort him while he waits outside the OR.

Big deal. You've lost 66 gigabytes of music. You still have all your CD's in storage, you'll get most of your stuff back!

You've lost 95 gigs of "Oldtime Radio" shows. Allot of them are available through individual collectors out there. You'll be able to get most of them back.

You've lost 125 gigs of comic book and strip scans. There are file share sites out there that house this stuff. You'll be able to get a few of them back.

It's just "stuff", Jeff. Sure you've invested the last 13 or 14 years culminating these digital pearls, but they're just "stuff". And haven't we learned a valuable lesson about "backing up" your "backup"?

The drama deepens. What emotional scars will this leave our once wistful blogster?

May the Flying Spaghetti Monster guide those techs hands well.


Cartoon character note: The nurse above may look a little like one of Jeffy's Angels, but you can tell she's not because she has on sensible shoes.


Mykal said...

Brother, I feel your pain. Let's not kid ourselves. That archive of porn is gone forever. Again - I can only say how sorry I am for your lose. I use remote storage backup deal, which has saved by butt moer than one.

Cool cartoons! -- Mykal

Jeff Overturf said...

Thanks for the condolences my friend. I am definitely looking into remote storage, thanks for the tip.

It's not really the porn I mourn...he who lusts and loses shall live to lust again...but rather all my preliminary work for my "Slight History of Golden Age Comic Book Super Heroes" series is in there and years of glomming great music and radio files.

Ah well...I have faith that my computer guru is doing all he can to save all he can. I've certainly learned a lesson though.

A Snow White Sanctum said...

Hard drives...the bliss and the bane of the modern artist.

Jeff Overturf said...

So true, so to find the balance betwixt the two?

Lysdexicuss said...

Thanx for reminding me~! It's about 6 months since I backed up my back up scanned Kirby collection to DVD data discs~! Let us know if you have a want list or must-have list. Good chance some of us bloggers can refill your collection ;~j

Jeff Overturf said...

Very generous of you Lysdex...I may just take you up on that!

Though I'm doing my best to punish myself first, so as to reinforce the lesson and make myself do the footwork.

It's what all proper self-loathing is about. :) said...

"I lost all my data once, then I went to, and now I'll never lose a priceless Sally Struthers fake nude again!"

" saved my entire collection, which the court used to convict me..."

"When I need to make sure I save it, I use They're the best!" !

(not valid in the United States)

Jeff Overturf said...

OK, OK...I confess. Most of the "missing porn collection" are fake celebrity nudes (celebrity heads PhotoShopped onto nude bodies).

There are worse fetishes than faked naked pictures of Rachael Ray, Denise Austin, Joyce Dewitt and Dawn Wells!!!

Someone knows me too well...diabolical!

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