Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Uncle Jeffy's Sketchbook v. 4.0: "Jeffy TV"

I found a strip I did in January 2008 that I thought I'd share. It's all about "Jeffy TV".

A few years ago it dawned on me how much of a time waster television was. Not the things you can see on it, films and sit-coms and dramas and documentaries are all worth while. I have a problem with the commercials. And the power stations airing a show in syndication have for editing content so they can fit MORE commercials in. I have a problem with the time it takes, searching through 500 channels to find something worthwhile to watch.

Basically I saw myself and people I know sitting in front of the box, not using it to enjoy a program they like, but using the channel surfing thing as a time waster. Occupying themselves (myself) mindlessly instead of actually seeing or hearing something good.

So I cancelled the cable and disconnected the antennae and started buying DVD's of things I liked. That way, when I sit down in front of the television, I am guaranteed to see something that I appreciate.

I ended up with a few thousand DVD's. I have, basically, reeeeeeeeeeeeally expensive TiVo. I'm not that bright.

I took to calling the broadcasting schedule at my house "Jeffy TV". I still use it as background noise to be on while I'm futzing around the house, the difference is, it's ALL stuff I like. I will occasionally plan a series of movies or shows that I'll pop in, just to keep that part from taking up my time.

NOW who's a time-waster? Sigh!

I did a strip about it to rationalize it. I ended up using it as an excuse to draw a naked lady.

Here's the strip.

I was going to put one of these at the beginning of the post:

Then I remembered. It's not my job to raise other peoples kids.

See ya tomorrow.

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