Tuesday, November 24, 2009

- A Fine (Lou Fine that is) Place Holder -

I'm running a little behind today (just like I did all last week) as I am having trouble adapting to these short winter days. The caveman in me must be answering to genetic memory that it's time to hibernate.

I like the idea of posting in the morning though, so until I slap myself around and force myself to get into a groove, I'll give you a little teaser/appetizer for the post I'll finish after work today.

Thursday, November 26th will be the 95th anniversary of the birth of Lou Fine. More on him tonight, but for now here's a comic book story he did for the February 1942 issue #32 of Smash Comics for Quality.

Lou was an incredible penciller and draftsman who had a great sense of layout and human anatomy in the dynamic.

More to come this afternoon.

See ya.

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