Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Uncle Jeffy's Sketchbook v. 1.3

Sketch Three: Ace Hol -

No one knows much of Ace's past, or even what his given name may be. What little is known of his childhood is that he spent the majority of his time, both study and recreational, sitting atop the family dog house muttering to himself about "Sopwith Camels" and "Red Barons". It was the place he took solace in and it was a struggle for his family to get him down.

He grew up showing a natural ability to pilot any vehicle flawlessly, automobiles, motorcycles, planes, submarines, pogo sticks...you name it.

Doctors later found that he has an abnormally large iron deposit in the bridge of his nose, a quality which lets him always find magnetic north. Ace Hol NEVER gets lost!

His natural piloting ability, ease at flying and sometimes haphazard, devil-may-care, caution-to-the-wind attitude towards safety has led to rumors that he is the illegitimate son of Wiley Post...

...and Amelia Earhart...

...though no proof has ever been brought forth.

Nor has anyone attempted to explain the non-logistics of such nonsense.

Ace himself "pish-toshes" at any such explanation of his abilities as heredity or cranial mineral placement as pure "baloon juice". He himself attributes his fetes of aviation skill to an ancient and magical Celtic elixir which he says, sharpens his senses and harmonizes his humors, and allows him to focus on "the now" and "see the wind". See diagram below:

Whatever the story behind this daredevil of the stratosphere is, his call to arms is the fighting of injustices and tyranny around the globe.

Ace Hol uses his many talents of skill, speed and always keeping a steady course, in aiding Congo Jeffy and Action Frank in their never ending battle against the forces of evil around the globe!

Look for him at a blog post near you!


Anonymous said...


I thought Ace was a Laker fan.

Jeff Overturf said...

Would an ancient Laker elixir be a 40 of Olde English? A sixer of Mickey's? Grape soda and a side of Funions?

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