Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remember Veterans Day

Thank you, Reverend Will Campbell - Vietnam.

Thank you, Uncles George and Robert West - World War II.

Thank you, Uncles Harold and Alva Overturf - World War I.

Thank you, Great Grandpa Jacob Bonham Overturf - American Civil War.

Thank you, EVERY young man and young woman who ever was sent away from home, while still wet behind the ears, and got shot at.

We remember you today. We appreciate your sacrifices. Thank you always.

Thank you for letting me live in a place where I can add this...

My Addendum: To every misguided Head of State, to every corrupt Financial Opportunist, to every Retarded Political or Extra-Retarded Religious Zealot that keeps making it necessary to send our children off to die? - Fuck you!

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