Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gimme A Woman - an Uncle Jeffy Classic!

As I referenced back in my "Pookie-Eyed Baby" post, about a zillion years ago I would whittle away the hours with my old pal Loren Christopher Michaels in his garage and write songs. A country song, a stripper-rock-&-roll song, a reggae song, a rap song, a 1920's style lullaby...most all with a humorous point of view.

At some point we had about 11 songs and we recorded a for-fun album for our friends, and going on the premise that we had covered every style of music, we titled the album "Walkin' Boy & The Scratch: Pissin' Off the World!".

Here's a re-imagining of the cover art work:

Loren was the musician on all tracks (I hadn't popped my guitar cherry yet) and I nick-named him "Walkin' Boy" as a reference to his fingers "walking" up and down the frets of the guitar. Pretty neo-pseudo-hip, huh?

Loren nick-named me "The Scratch" because, at the time I was working in a sandwich shop, and used to tell long drawn out stories at the end of the day, about how I had made the daily soup, the chili, the salsa, et al, from scratch. Pretty Alton-Brown-hip, huh?

I think the first song we truly collaborated on was "Gimme A Woman", the song you're about to see and hear.

I had made up the first stanza and was annoying people for months as I walked around singing it.

Over and over.

and over.

One night after I got off work, Loren and I got a silly bug up our kiesters to drive to Las Vegas. We had about 40 bucks between us, but seeing as I had to be back at work in 12 hours, we wouldn't be there long enough to spend much more than that anyway.

We got to Vegas about 10:30 p.m., wandered up and down the strip for 3 hours, then at 2 a.m. it was time to head back. This would give me time to shower and go make more soup at the sandwich shop.

On the way home we were both ready to sleep pretty hard. We were passing through Barstow, CA. and still had 2+ hours to get home. Knowing that the car couldn't drive itself, and feeling pretty punchy, we decided to finish the obnoxious, misogynistic, foul song I had been beating into the ground and my friends' heads for months, as an excercise to keep ourselves awake.

"Gimme A Woman" was born. Here it is:

This is not really a misogynistic song. It's a love song. All songs are love can't write a song unless you're in love.

So get over it.

Besides, we were just doing our job. Doing our best to piss off the whole world.

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Marco said...

This will go down in music history as one of the great songs of all time. Along with Steve Goodman's classic "You Never even Called Me By My Name", and Jerry Jeff Walker's songs about the American rails, Overturf captures the essence of being in love...

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