Friday, June 10, 2011

"Letter from Aunt Bess" and "Howard Gets a New Harness"!

OTR Friday's BACK with a couple of Sade-centric shows from Paul Rhymer's Vic & Sade!

Up first a show from December 23, 1940 which shows Sade at her understated funniest when she discovers a letter from her sister Bess, unopened in a suit pocket of Vic's. Unopened since August 9, 1937...3 1/2 years. Sade is heartbroken and tells her family of her shame as she reads the letter from Carbury, Illinois aloud. Though it's 3 1/2 years old, Vic and Rush are nearly able to recite along as Bess' message gives all the news every dang one of her letters give, including that "Uncle Walter's kneecap has lightened up considerable on the twinges" and Eucie's progress on the piano. It sounds depressing when it's described, kind of like real life, but it'll make you laugh out loud when you hear it first hand. Kind of like real life.


Next, from DEcember 31, 1940, Sade is worried that the new harness given to Howard, Mr. Gumpox the trash man's horse, may have been given anonymously by her Uncle Fletcher.

Really? That should be MORE than enough f=to get you to want to does me.


Here's a chapter of the 1979 book "Radio Comedy" which takes a long hearty look at our favorite family. This is a full-fledged book chapter and not just an article, so here's part one, I'll post part two next week. It's a good read.

Talk to you soon.

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