Monday, June 27, 2011

"Frank N. Stein" - Will Elder - Mad Mondays!

Harvey Kurtzman & Co.'s "Mad" the COMIC BOOK was showing no sign of slowing down as issue #8 hit the newstands in late 1953!

Kurtzman's first story of the issue with able assist by the king of "chicken fat" hisself, Will Elder, was their take on the sci-fi/horror classic "Frankenstein". This has no shortage of the afformentioned "chicken fat" so grab a spoon and dig in!

Only the fershlugginers at Mad could do a story of a Hitler-headed, bird-brained monster back from the dead in 1953.

What? Too soon?

I didn't think so.

Talk to you soon.

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Don Reed said...

An AMAZING reproduction - I loved this stuff when I was a Mad Magazine brat and re-reading this was a RIOT! Thank you very much.

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