Friday, June 24, 2011

"Hank Gutstop Gets a Job" and "Ice Cream & Salted Peanuts"

OTR Friday at last! And a couple of undated episodes from 1940 of Paul Rhymer's "Vic & Sade" to make it feel like the weekend's here!

First up, there's big commotion in the house as Sade's greatest bane, Hank Gutstop hits Vic up for $200 for anew wardrobe for his new job...choir member at the Ellsworth Street Church. Rush would gladly leave the conversation if only he had 9 cents.


Next up, a gaggle of Rush's friends gather 'round the house close to midnight waiting for the Husher's party to end, with the promise of being offered any ice cream and salted peanuts that are left over. A cast of thousands and but 2 speaking parts. Rhymer's genius at work.


And finally, here's that part 2 of the Vic & Sade chapter from the 1979 book, Radio Comedy that I promised you 2 weeks ago. It's a page turner!

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