Sunday, April 17, 2011

Milt Gross - Nemo Annual - Sunday Funnies

Happy Sunday to you all! Snuggle back under those covers for some comic strip fun as I continue sharing "Nemo: the Classic Comics Library" and it's one and only annual, spotlighting the tradition of screw-ball comics!

This chapter focuses on the screwy Milt Gross. Gross and Bill Holman are the core progenitors of this genre of comics and of the two I find Gross to be the tastiest eye candy.

I'll give thanks to all the folks who worked on Nemo back in the day as always, and let them do the real talking. Plenty of samples of "Nize Baby", "Dave's Delicatessen" and "Count Screwloose of Tooloose", too.

Get ready to giggle yerelf silly.

Talk to you soon.

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