Sunday, April 24, 2011

George Swanson's "Salesman Sam - Nemo Anual part 4

I know, you probably thought I fell off the edge of the earth with the scarcity of blog posts this week. Well, I did. But I successfully fought all the sea-monsters and have returned victorious in time to wish you all a Happy Easter Sunday and to ask, "Is Spring EVER GONNA GET HERE???"! Geez I'm sick of grey skies. Must be some kind of record here in sunny southern California to have winter last from November on in April. This is how the REST of the country lives, not us here in the promised land!

Oh well. Nothing I can do about it but bring a little Spring sunshine your way with more of "Nemo: the Classic Comics Library" Annual #1 (and only) from 1985 and their tribute to the screwball comics.

Part 4 brings us a relatively little remembered strip called "Salesman Sam" by the equally overlooked George Swanson.

Read on, Kiddoes...I'm sure you'll dig it!

Talk to you soon.

It's good to be back.

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