Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Mike Hazard" - by Marx! Unca Jeffy's Toy Box

Before "Best of the West", Marx produced this long-forgotten action hero "Mike Hazard" - secret agent. Again, this was lonnnnnnnnng before these were called "action figures" and they were just plain 'ol cool toys! Mike Hazard was a product of the late '60's secret agent craze and I found days worth of fun out of playing with him. He is the same scale as the "Best of the West" figures I have and he interracted with them often. Time-lines and other boundaries didn't exist in my little world, and sometimes they still don't! I believe this was my big brother Mike's toy actually, but since he moved along those natural biological courses, of out-growing toys for games of sport and other nonsense, I happily stayed arrested in my development and gave "Mike Hazard" a long and varied career.

You see before you a ruggedly handsome man-of-the-world. A vynil face that could make women swoon and evil-doers quiver in their shoes...

...of course, "Mike Hazard" is also an artful mastor-of-disguise. Check the cool plastic wig he keeps at the ready...

...also the "Mission Impossible" rubber mask to hide his well recognized features from those would-be world conquerors and mad scientists!

I also used to use "Silly Putty" to give him moustaches and sideburns and the like. Silly Putty clings to vynil juuuuuuuust fine.

He comes with a sporty driving cap...

...AND a jaunty 1960's fedora!

Though NOT as well armed as "Renegade Sam Cobra", he does come with all manner of artillery of his own. 1, 2, no 3 pistols (one with a shoulder holster), a knife, a dagger AND a blade hidden in a walking stick!


He also is prepared for carrying around secret formulas and enemy papers of all manner, with an attache case and capet bag. Both of which are equiped with spring loaded explosive devices in case of tampering by the wrong party!

He comes with a pockt recording device with earpiece, a radio (assumedly for two-way communication with headquarters and a 10 pound flashlight for skulking around dark corridors. Probably comes in pretty handy for whacking goons on the noggin.

He comes with a slick flak-jacket that looks like a sporty vest, and what 1960's era spy guy would be complete without a trenchcoat for the full cloak and dagger look that was all the rage in the spring of 1968.

I know what your wondering. "Nutty Mads", "Johnny West" and friends and now "Mike Hazard"? Did you have any toys that weren't made by Marx??? Of course I did and we'll keep digging through "Uncle Jeffy's Toy Box" every Saturday and re-discover them all.

And as for my big brother Mike? You ain't getting "Mike Hazard" back. I'm still busy playing with him.

Talk to you soon.


thinkgeek said...

wow....its fantastic, look so creative!...geek toys canada

Jeff Overturf said...

It is a fantastic toy, I'm very glad I kept it all these years. Thanks for stopping by!

KW said...

I'm not too familiar with Mike Hazard. Wow, this is nice. And it's somehow shocking, yet refreshing to see all these guns used as kids' toys. I guess all the gun influence hasn't turned you into a crazed murderer, huh?

Lysdexicuss said...

Jeffy, swing over to Bob Canada's Blog and scroll down to the last photo to see someone dressed up as your personal hero... (Hint: Ogden Whitney)

Jeff Overturf said...

Sah-weeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Thanks, Lysd!

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