Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Meanwhile, Back at The Drink Hole...

Nephew Scottie drops by the Drink Hole for a visit with his Ol' Unca Jeffy...

"Well...." said Jeffy, "I tell ya Scottie...it ain't been an easy road!"

"Lay it on me, my brotha! Rest your worries on MY shoulders for a while!" replied the sympathetc and empathetic nephew.

And so Jeffy explained.

Jeffy continued, "You know I have quite the wide spectrum of friends that I hang out with."

"And how!" answered the enthusiastic and caring younger family member. "You said a mouthful there!", he added.

A somber-toned, grim-visaged Jeffy began his tale of woe, "It all started back in October of last year, when my old buddy Mark…

“…announced out of nowhere that he was leaving Southern California for the wilds of Austin, Texas."

*here for his goodbye*

“Wait a minute, Jeffy!” interrupted the listening Scottie, “Isn’t this a strange new narrative style you’re using?”

“Shut up and listen!” said the perturbed and forlorn Uncle with impatience, “I’ll do the story telling around here!”

Scottie sat back, took a sip of his beer and let the story wash over him in the manner it was meant to be.

“This”, Jeffy continued, “Was just before a rogue Superman who had been exposed to red kryptonite from Rusty’s fillings, dressed up like Herbie and tried to kill me!”

“…but that’s another story for another day.”

They both took long pulls off of their beers, wetting their pallets AND their minds for the fascinating story to continue to unfold.

“I took it kind of hard,” resumed Jeffy after taking a deep whistly breath through his nose, “and I decided to do some reorganization in the blog. Maybe it was just too much heartbreak to have friends….maybe I just wasn’t cut out for it.”

*see here for the full post*

“Where I made my big mistake . I was singing the praises of only having imaginary friends, rather than real ones…

*see full post here*

“…and when Bigfoot overheard me…” Jeffy stopped his flow for another question from the confused listener.

“Bigfoot?” queried the young buck, his shock of dirty blonde hair striking a quizzical poise atop his head.

“Yeah, Bigfoot.”, retorted Jeffy, somewhat nonplused. “Back when The Mysterious Shadowy Figure wanted to abduct me on behalf of The Illuminati, he brought Bob the Alien and Bigfoot with him as hired muscle. Luckily Willie Nelson intervened, and afterwards, Bigfoot stayed on as a bouncer here at ‘Ye Olde Drink Hole’ and Bob stayed on as a bar-fly”

*See here for…ah nevermind, just hit the “Illuminati” label to the left, you can read it all*

“Anyway”, the by-now weary story-teller finished, “long story short is, I made Bigfoot cry and now Jesus and Superman are all mad at me.”

*See full post here*

More tomorrow.

Talk to you soon.


KW said...

I love your character drawings. They're very classic. Lots of personality too.

Jeff Overturf said...

Thanks KW. Much appreciated coming from you.

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