Saturday, June 20, 2009

I must have had a "Foggy Mountain Breakdown"

Whoopsie! A page must have slid out of "Uncle Jeffy's Big Almanac of Cool Stuff" onto the floor...I completely missed yesterdays 95th anniversary of the birth of Lester Flatt. Pictured above with his longtime partner Earl Scruggs, Lester was one of the original powerhouse lineup of Bill Monroe's "Bluegrass Boys" and one of the architects of Bluegrass Music. There are two major blueprints for guitar playing that you can trace every guitar player since's style back to, Maybelle Carter and Lester Flatt. Challenge me....I can trace AYONE's influence back to one of these innovators. Give me any guitar player from Country, Folk, Rock and Roll, Heavy Metal, Punk, Grunge, Blues, Reggae (have I made my point)...whatever and I can draw you a straight line to something one of these two invented.

It's hard to explain any music stuff I point out here in type, so take a gander at this video and see a master at work.
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