Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Anchored in Love

Today would have been June Carter Cash's 80th birthday.

June was born into American Royalty, The Carter Family was about as huge a musical act as you could ever find.

A.P., Sarah, Maybelle and Maybelle's 3 daughters, Helen, June and Anita taught the whole world about songs that were locked as time-capsules away in the South0Eastern United States for centuries. A.P. (Junes uncle) unlocked the capsule and set them all free through the voices of the family.

One day June married Johnny Cash and it was like two kingdoms married off their favored son and daughter and the Royal Family got bigger.

I've got no business talking about June Carter. I'll just suggest that you all need to get some Carter Family songs and listen to them.

For now, here's June in her golden years showing you what talent does when it's touched by the divine.
"Keep On the Sunnyside"
"Storms Are On the Ocean"
She's here in her 70's and her voice and body have racked up some serious living and miles...but for all the rough edges showing, her voice is like an angel when she sings these songs. And the rough edges seem to take on a glitter and glimmer of their own on this woman.

We love ya June. You gave us "a fever hotter'n a pepper sprout!"

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