Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Something Worth Doing

Guy Clark once explained why he started writing songs. He had been a carpenter, a boat builder, a luthier...a craftsman who worked with his hands and liked the feeling of wood and liked the feeling he got shaping it into another thing. If a tree was a useful thing and a work of art, it must be kind of magic to help transform that tree into another useful thing and art object like a boat or guitar. One day his friend Townes Van Zant wrote a song, then another. Then he wanted to show off his new discovery to Guy. Guy listened and thought to himself, "That's something worth doing." and tried it himself. Turned out they were both born to it...and sure enough, it WAS worth doing.

I've turned that phrase that I first heard Guy use in a few of my prior posts, and if there's any theme to my daily almanac here, it's that everything I enjoy, admire and respect about all my subjects it's that they all did "Something worth doing".

Today is "hump day" and there are no anniversaries of note in my calender to write about, but as I sat here staring at an empty screen, my nephew Brian called and we had a good talk. We talked about everything and we talked about nothing. And you know what?

It was worth doing. It's been a good day.

Love ya Brian.

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