Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Funnies - May 14, 1949 - part 2 of 2

Happy Sunday Funnies and part 2 of my incomplete posting (incomplete because I don't have the entire thing) of the Sunday supplement from the Chicago Daily News from May 14, 1949.

This post is being "auto-loaded" or whatever the term may be, as I am on the road (probably exhausted) on day 4 at the San Diego Comic-Con.  I'll be sure to report on all the exciting sights, sounds and smells when I get back.

First up, I'm sure a favorite of little girls (AND Dads alike) "Mopsy" by Gladys Parker.  Paper dolls make this multi-media entertainment, all from 63 years ago.

An "educational strip" I haven't seen before called "American Adventure".by a Bradford Smith.  Clearly drawn enough and simply dialogued, I'm sure a few kiddoes glommed some real history out of this.  But like all of this kind of thing, kids can smell "educational" from 10 miles away and flip right on to the fun stuff.

"Little Debbie" here seems to have held on for a few years.  Cecil Jensen's own "Dennis the Menace" before Dennis I suppose.

And a staple of the funnies, "There Oughta Be A Law".  Really solid cartooning and nice layouts.  I'm sure Al fAgaly and Harry Shorten did alright for themselves in endeavors outside of the strip as well.

Wipe that oatmeal off of your chin, go kiss your honey and mow that lawn.  The best part of Sunday is least until next week.  :)

Talk at you soon.

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