Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nemo #7: Clare Briggs' "Danny Dreamer" and Zack Mosley's "Smilin' Jack"

"Nemo: the Classic Comics Library" fills out it's first anniversary issue #7 with a few of it's regular features and a spotlight on a classic adventure strip.

"Smilin' Jack" by Zack Mosley was an aviator strip of the 1930's and 40's. It had radio, movie serial and comic book spin-offs and was really quite popular if not generally overlooked by a great number of comic strip historians.

A very fun and energetic strip that as "Nemo" points out, was infused with great fun by a man who loved writing and drawing it.

Continuing it's series of "Fantasy in the Comics", Nemo takes a good look at Clare Briggs and some of his work including "Danny Dreamer".

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nemo #7: Carl Barks part 2...the "Year of the Duck"

"Nemo: the Classic Comics Library" continues it's first year anniversary with more of it's spotlight on "Duck" comic great Carl Barks and the 50th anniversary of Donald Duck.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Nemo #7: Carl Barks part 1 and Donald Duck

"Nemo: the Classic Comics Library" issue #7 from 1984 celebrated their first anniversary with a bang!

Carl Barks was finally garnering recognition for all his decades of work on Walt Disney comic books, most notably the line of Duck comics. Considered "The Good Duck Man", Carl added to the mythos with his creation of such characters as Uncle Scrooge.

Being that 1984 was also the 50th anniversary of "Donald Duck", "Nemo" kicked into full swing and even sprang for a few pages in glorious 4-Color!

Here's a glimpse at the Duck-laden issue... editorial by Richard Marschall on the excitement of a meeting of minds. Carl Barks and "Mickey Mouse" comics' Floyd Gottfredson.

Here's the first 4 articles in Nemo's Carl Barks Tribute....enjoy!

Beginning with a conversation between Barks and Gottfredson.

...more on Barks...

...more...FROM Barks...

...and a look at how his training in animation benefited his work in comics.

...more coming tomorrow with some of Barks' original Duck oil paintings.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nemo #6: J.H. Donahey and early S.J. Perelman

The conclusion of "Nemo: the Classic Comics Library" #6 with two gems that I learned of firs here.

First up in the feature "Penmen of the Past", J.H. Donahey is spotlighted with his panel cartoons on society and humanity from early in the century. This one features a cartoon I have referenced in my head almost daily since I first read this. Check out the cartoon on the lower half of page 8...

...every time I hear a conversation at work, on the street, in a bar, in a restaurant, wherever...this cartoon runs through my head as I witness by-standers "Saving the Country" or "Saving the World"!

The second feature is about the great "New Yorker" humorist and Marx Brothers scribe, S.J. Perelman and his forays into the comic strip world.

Tomorrow I'll start posting "Nemo" issue 7 which has a nice conversation between Floyd "Mickey Moust" Gottfredson and Carl "Donald Duck" Barks and even features Fantographics upping the budget to include some pages in glorious 4-Color!

Talk to ya later!

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