Monday, October 29, 2012

"Cowboy!" - Jack Davis - Mad Monday!

Jack Davis does DOUBLE duty!!

That's right, Mad #20 saw a SECOND story lavished with Davis' beautiful (do you all realize what grand importance and grandeur I slather on this word, BTW?) cartoons.

I love these kind of comparison things that Kurtzman would do.  Being from Montana (albeit 80 years after traditional time) I knew plenty of real cowboys.  Matt Dillon they weren't.  More like dirty humorless Festus'!

Jack Davis understood.

Talk to you soon.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Still Other Little Golden Type Books!

Another lazy Sunday going through my old children's books...browse along, won't you?

Talk to you soon.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cartoon Tools - and Their Mis-use!

Finishing up work on my 24 Hour Comic Book (that's 7 day comic book to YOU, mister!) and struck by the crutches cartoonists fall on in order to get what they're saying across.  Some good, some so archaic and dated, that they're near indecipherable for the modern reader.  Putting this thought into "strip form" even made the "set-up + set-up = punchline rhythm of a strip stuck out like a sore thumb for me.

What have we learned from this examination?  Only what we've always known.  Charles Schulz was a genius and Jim Davis is STILL a worthless piece of shit.

The experiment proves the science.  All is right in the world.

Talk to you soon.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Coloring and Afterthoughts of 24 Hour Comics Day!

I'm slowwwwwwwly starting to recover from the sleep deprivation and the body clock jarring experience of "24 Hour Comics Day".

It was SUCH a positive creative AND social experience I wouldn't trade it for all the good night sleeps in town, though.

I plan on commenting a bit more on it this week, as I catch up on coloring and FINISHING my's a preview BTW.

There was also the inter-active good time of rooting on fellow participants and being rooted by the same, through Twitter, Facebook and 24 HCD's own blog, that had a real creative feel to it.  I was able to draw elbow to elbow with people all across the across the PLANET, in every major and not-so-major city you could imagine!!!

Coloring is a tedious process for me, but MORE tedious for keeping me from reading all those great new comics that got born out there on Saturday,

I learned a lot from jumping head first into this thing, and next year I'll be back with what I learned and be able to jump in feet first.

Thanks again to all of you for reading along, if you had even 1% of the fun that I had...well shit, you missed out on 99% of the good time!

Talk to you soon.

Monday, October 22, 2012

"Paul Revere's Ride!" - Jack Davis - Mad Mondays!

Mad THE COMIC BOOK #20 and Jack Davis does an AWESOME cartooning turn that rivals the one we saw Wood do last week.

I wonder how many kiddies in the 1950's (or since) actually know stanzas of this Longfellow poem the bast from pouring over these pages.  

I'll bet a lot.  Cartoons can really suck a kids mind into the work at hand.

Mine too.

Talk to you soon.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

17 complete pages of 24 hour comic book day!

I headed on over to Kinko's to have my completed 17 pages scanned so you folks could actually read them if you wanted to.  INCLUDING 2 pages I didn't take pics of last night that YOU haven't seen yet!!

I am bound to finish the comic, I'm aiming for this week.

The concept for this is an old school children's comic a la Archie, Harvey (Casper, Richie Rich) and especially any number of Dell or Gold Key titles, which would have a main story interspersed with little 1 and 2 page unrelated black outs and even some activity/puzzle pages thrown in.  These types of things were originally done by comics companies as fillers, to have little mini 1 and 2 and 3 page items with which they could fill out a page count.  They always felt like bonuses to me as a kid, and they added to the personality of the comic.

Anyway, thank you all for rooting me on in my failed attempt.  I will be back and the experience is something I am soooooooooooo glad I took part in.

Until I add the extra 7 pages, finish the story and add a cover (and maybe some color), here's what all y'all were waving big "Team Jeffy" foam rubber fingers in the air about.

"Western Civilization Comics & Stories" issue #1

Main feature - "The Rise and Fall of Western Civilization" part 1: "The Seed"!

Time out for "Fun with the Development of Language" - from alpha to omega - " Behind the Scenes of Why Things Get Named the Way They Do!"

this one fell a bit flat when I was drawing it, but earlier when writing, it had me in stitches..hmmmmmm.  AT any rate, it adds a lot of running gags and cal-backs that get used a lot in the main story.  No one loves a "call-back" more than I!

"The Rise and Fall of Western Civilization" part 2 - "The Rise"!

"Western Civilization Comics & Stories Activity Page"! - Which of these Galilean drawings of the moons of Jupiter is NOT like the other three.  Answer upside down at the bottom of the page.  :)

This was an impromptu page I did while drawing.  It made me laugh really hard at 2 in the morning or so.

"The Rise and Fall of Western Civilization" part 3 "The Crest"!

"Western Civilization Activity Page" - Connect the dots and reveal Charles Darwin's eyebrows.

Another improvisation during the drawing process which made me laugh.  Another clue that the way to go with this is to NOT script ahead, just let the creative juices flow!

"The Rise and Fall of Western Civilization" part 4 - "The Fall"

Chapter the last!  After this was an epilogue and a 2 page letter from the editor ( cartoon form of course) I WILL complete these!!  Come back soon!

And that's when I approached the speed of sound in my dive and passed out.

I really did feel like I could feel a build up of carbon monoxide and nitrogen in my blood.  It was telling me, "Go to sleep you fucking idiot"!

So I did.

Talk to you soon.

24 Hour Comic Day FAIL!

OOOOOOooooooooh defeat.  Oooooooooooooh de AGONY!

I'm afraid I didn't make it to the end of the 24 Hour Comics Day challenge.

5 am hit, the 20 hour mark.  I posted here and stood back and looked at where I was.  17 pages done and 4 hours to go.  THAT was not discouraging to me.

I was ready to perseveir and push on.  Whatever got done, got done and I was going to make the 24 hour mark.

If I ever hear of anyone making fun of Jerry Lewis again, I'll kick their ass.  Say what you want about his comedic sensibilities...but staying awake all night is HARD!!!!

I will finish my comic though...not today of course, today I'm sleeping.

But this week.

And I'll be back next year.

I met a lot of great folks on Twitter and through the 24 HCD blog and I want to enjoy going back and looking at what they accomplished in the challenge.

All in all it was a good way to spend a Saturday.

More details on my comic, legible scans that you can read and details on my crash and burn this week.

Thanks for rooting me on.  I may not have finished the race, but at least I didn't juice.


Talk to you soon.

20 Hours down...24 Hour Comic Book Day!

I seem to be a tad off on my page count...and my story boarding at the end is a little rough (not what I would have said 16 hours ago)...I just have to push through and see what miracle I can pull out of m butt!

This first page of chapter 4 sounds a little like I'm about to take a right wing stance on me, quite the opposite...I'm a bare-footin', pot-smokin', porn-watchin' hippy from WAY back.

Stick with me, you'll see.

4 hours to much work to be done.

I'm still havin' a bast.  This is the most creative adrenaline I've had goin' in a loooooooooooong time!

Talk to you soon.

18 hours DOWN! 24 Hour Comic Book Day!

Starting to get a little shaky, work is getting fuzzy.  So close and yet so far.

Quit being a baby,'re only drawing funny pitchers!  Other people do real work for longer than this!

Going to take a shower, change shirts and maek some coffee...I'll be damned if I go down before the 24 is up.  I may not finish on time, but it won't be because I didn't try!

Talk to you soon.

8 Hours to Go! 2/3 of the Way Home - 24 Hour Comic Book Day!

Wow...I got 4 done in 2 hours...of course 2 were fairly simple...but I'm gonna TAKE IT!

This takes it up to page 11 which means 13 more to go in 8 hours.  I've done 11 in 8 and I still want to get to Kinkos to scan these within the allotted's gonna be a squeeze.

Stick with me!

I'll talk to you soon!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

14 Hours In - Only 10 Left! - 24 Hour Comic Book Day!

This time I got 3 pages done in 2 hours and a fourth laid out!  Could I be gaining super powers?

I'm not sure, but I was GOING to take a power nap at I've got such a head of steam up, I'm not going to!!

If I crash and burn at least it will be at the safety of my drawing table!

Talk to you soon.

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