Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Unca Jeffy is NOT dead...just a little MIA!

I know what you must be thinking..."Has our man Jeff fallen off the face of the Earth?"...no loyal followers, I have not.

I am alive, well, happy and uncertain of the future.  The 4 major signs of a perfect life, and I am still breathing, too.

I took advantage of my unemployed status and took a 6 week vacation to go visit my sister and her family in my home state of Montana from the beginning of December through the middle of January and found happiness, confusion, romance (yes, and Jeffy's happy for this, too) and all those things that you should find on a vacation/sabbatical/retreat/adventure!  

I do hope to tell you all a little about my time there over the next little while, but for now I wanted to say, "Hi!", "How've you been?", "I missed y'all!" and "What'd I miss?".

And just to let you all see physical evidence, here's my excursion to Missoula's own Sean Kelly's Irish Pub "Open Mic Night" where I was seen serenading the locals.  I may not sound like I'm livin', but I really was while I was there!

See?  Jeffy's not dead!

I WILL hang around as long as you will let me, too!

Talk to you soon!

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